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There is live music all day...bring family and friends, grab lunch from your favorite food vendor, sit and enjoy the music!
August 28
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Welcome to the Soldotna Wednesday Market!  This market has been around since 2007 and has grown from 5 vendors to over 60. The Soldotna Wednesday  Market is held weekly from the first wednesday in June to the last wednesday in August. We run from 11-6 pm. There is a night time concert starting at six which includes a beer garden sponsored  by the Soldotna Chamber of commerce. Most vendors stay for this but not all so come early and enjoy all the variety to  the fullest. It is a great place to bring summer visitors to enjoy the rich culture we have to offer here not only in Alaska but on the penninsula itself. There is such a great variety of vendors that everyone from the young to the old will enjoy it. Where else can you go to to enjoy a variety of food vendors, many crafters, home based businesses, and fresh Alaskan grown produce. There is no cost to attend...come and enjoy!

There is something for everyone at the market. You can enjoy live music as you munch at your  favorite food vendor or wander around looking for that perfect gift at all the variety of vendors. You can sit and enjoy the river or wander to a picnic table  or bring your own chair to relax in.

If you are interested in being a part of the the Soldotna Wednesday Market, take a moment to open form that applies to you, read the rules and standards, and then just mail or email it!

    Here's a great idea! Take a look at our list of entertainers for the summer, print it off and remember to come for the fun of it!   ---Open Now
    Make sure to share this with your friends coming into town, we have great food vendors of all sorts of flavors.    ---Open Now
    Register as a vendor today! There is such a great variety of vendors that everyone from the young to the old will enjoy it.   ---Open Now


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